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The Consolidated-built heavy bomber reached higher production than any other U.S. WWII combat aircraft. A total of 18,188 of these versatile four-engine bombers were built for the U.S. Air Corps, Navy, and Allies. The B-24 went through many modifications which added armor, power-operated gun turrets, self sealing gasoline tanks, and armament to the orginal model. The B-24 was used not only as a bomber but as a tanker and transport, and although it flew in all theatres of war, it was used most in the Mediteranian and Pacific, where longer range gave it an edge over the B-17. This range made it particularly useful in the Pacific for search missions for downed Airmen.

Mfg: Consolidated Vultee

Length: 66' 4"

Span: 110'

Height: 17' 11"

Crew: 10

Speed: 300 mph

Range: 3300 miles

Ceiling: 36,000'

Armament: 10 50cal.

Bomb Load: 12,800 lbs.

Gross Weight: 41,000 lbs.

Loaded Weight: 56,000 lbs.

"Cherokee Strip" 20th combat mapping squadron



"Male Call"

"Slightly Dangerous"

"Sad Sack"

"Red Raiders"