The Feature Photo Page

The "Feature Page" has been set up to display individual photos sent in by YOU, the viewers.  I will try to have your pictures displayed within one week of receiving them.

These Photos were submitted by David O. Smith, who's father, Captain Andrew G. Smith flew the B-26 called the
"Widow Maker".  I would very much like to receive more pictures of the B-26 so I can add another page to the site
dedicated to this outstanding aircraft.........Can you help??

This photo was sent in by Mr. Dan Sugden showing his father Bill Sugden with his crew while in Cuba in 1944.  We know the last part of the Nose Art is "Gory" but his father can't remember the rest.  Can anyone help us out???

This fine display was sent in by "Ray"
He can be contacted at


"How Boot That" B-25

C-47 "Lady Luck"
C-47 "Ready 4 Duty"
The above photos were taken by Mr. Randy Cumba

The following photographs were submitted by the actual artist Mr. Bob Guere while serving in the USAF.  He stated that he would have liked to paint more, but that the Air Force has no sense of humor regarding naked ladies. If you would like to let Bob know what you think of his art work he can be contacted at:

EC-135 "Nasty Stuff" Avionics Test Bed

EC-135 "Bird of Prey" Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (ARIA)


Please drop me a line with your Pictures, Comments, or suggestions.Luc