The following pictures were provided through the courtesy of Mr. Herb Harper (U.S.A.F. Ret.)  For more information regarding the history of the 98th Bomb Group visit his site or e-mail him at

Herb Harper was an airplane armorer with the 98th stationed at Spokane AFB, WA., then deployed to Yokota Air Base in Japan in August 1950.  He rotated back to Smokey Hill AFB, KS in August 1952.  Herb flew one mission into the combat zone of Korea to salvage the bomb sight and guns from a downed B-29.  He went from Corporal to Staff Sergeant during that time, and retired in 1970 as a Master Sergeant.

The main targets of the 98th were Rail Roads & Yards, and other industrial complexes.  They also flew front line support for the Army & Marines in 1951 when they were being clobbered by the Chinese Communist.

Thank you for sharing these great photographs with us Herb.

Mais O'Ui!

""Our Gal"

Every Man a "Tiger"

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"Hot To Go"