The photographs on this page were taken by S/SGT William F. Wilson.  His son, Ken was kind enough to allow them to be displayed here at the request of Mr. Dan Gargus.  SGT Wilson took these pictures while serving with the 5th Air Force as a "tail gunner" with the 43rd BG, 64th BG, and also toured with the 3890th BG.
These pictures are copyrighted, and cannot be used for any purpose without the permission of Mr. Ken Wilson!

S/SGT Wilson's aircraft in background

C-47 "Mamma Duck"
C-47 "The Rube"
A-20 "Spanish John"
A-20 "Jew Louie"
P-38 "Camera Shy"
B-25 "Tondelayo"
B-25 "Bachelor Made"
B-25 "Bat Design of the 499th BS, 345th BG"
B-25 "Dirty Dora"

S/SGT Veltman P. Gargus
Served with the 456th BG 7455th BS attached to the 5th BW
1st Lt. Raymond F. Hertzel (pilot), Jerry Zehner, Ray McQuiness, Richard Johnson, Veltman Gargus, 1st. Lt. William Calhoun (co-pilot), Wilbur Archer, and Carrol Bills


"Mexican Spitfire"


Pilot of "Mexican Spitfire" 2/Lt. Lloyd B. Bardwell Jr.


Lt. Bardwell Jr. was shot down in WWII when his aircraft was hit by AA on a mission to Lambeh Strait, Celebes, and ditched in the sea seven miles northeast of Lambeh Island.  Mexican Spitfire made a good water landing, nosed under, then came back up minus the tail assembly and right wing.  A Japanese "Zeke" fighter strafed the wreckage as the crew was getting out, but was driven off by planes from the 499th and 501st squadrons which circled overhead and attacked the fighter with their nose guns.  Five crewmen were seen in the water with Mae West life vests inflated, but the life raft appeared damaged.  As their fuel became exhausted, the escort planes left the area and subsequent searches for the crew were unsuccessful.  The men were part of the 500th Bomb Squadron, the 345th bomb group.  This action took place on September 2, 1944.  Lloyd was 24 years old.  He was from Arkadelphia, Arkansas.  The rest of the crew was:  2/Lt. Millard W. Israel, Co-Pilot, 2/Lt. Robert C. Feuerstein, navigator, Cpl. Wyman D. La Rose, eng-gunner, Pfc. Calvin D. Simansky, radio-gunner, and S/Sgt. Lacy B. Hall Jr, Burlington, NC

This information and photo was provided by Lloyds sister, Mrs. Ann Walker.  Thank you very much Ann.

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