Pima Air Museum



B-17G "I'll Be Around"

This aircraft is the "Center Piece" of the 390th Memorial hangar located at the Pima Air & Space Museum. Please take time to visit their WWW site. Visit the 390th

B-24 "Bungay Buckaroo"

B-25 "The Spirit of Al Penn"

I recently received an e-mail message from Mr. Sam Bargamian advising me that we all owe a debt of gratitude to   Mr. Virgil Faulknere, who spent ten years of very hard work to bring this aircraft to it's present pristine condition!  Thanks Virgil!

B-29 "Sentimental Journey"

(Right Side of Sentimental Journey")


B-52 "The Lone Star Lady"




B-52 "The High and Mighty One"


B-52 "Valkyrii"


The Pima Air and Space Museum is located in Tucson Airzona. Please visit their WWW site and view some of the other aircraft in their vast collection. Visit Pima Your suggestions and comments are welcome, as are your photos. Contact Luc