Paul W. Wilson B-29 Gallery

The Photos in these Galleries were provided by Mr. Raymond Wilson who's father Paul Wilson (front row left) served as a tail gunner on B-29's in the Pacific Theater.

These two Galleries are dedicated to ALL the fathers who fought to keep our country free!

The best information I have found so far is that the aircraft in this Gallery were all part of the 73rd Bomb Wing, 501st Bomb Group. The 21st Bomber Command, 73rd Bombardment Wing Commander was General Emmett "Rosey"O'Donnell, under General Hansell. O'Donnell led the first mission on Tokyo on November 24, 1944 with 111 B-29's from the Marianas with very poor results. Many Thanks to Steve Remington of Collect Air for doing the research on this.


Paul Wilson's Personal Combat Record
Paul Wilson with his aircraft "Super Wabbit"

Devils Delight
"Devils' Delight"
"Dauntless Dotty"

"Forbidden Fruit"
"Lady Eve"

"Little Jo"
Anybody Know?